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Google Shopping accounts for more than 80% of all retail ad spend and CPCs are often 5 times lower than standard text advertising. If you sell products online you need to advertise on Google Shopping to stay competitive.

Good question! It has been possible to receive a 20% discount on your Google Shopping advertisements since 2017. This is when Google received a substantial fine from the European Commission for breaching antitrust rules. The commission ruled that Google had given its own price comparison tool (Google Shopping) undue prominence, and had therefore demoted rival price comparison services (like ShopAid) in its search results. There are many news articles which go in to further detail, although it is understandable that Google don’t want to shout about this from the rooftops!

Whilst your ROI will vary depending on consumer demand and the quality of your products, we expect to see returns (ROAS) of between 2-10 times your advertising spend.

It takes most of our users less than 5 minutes to switch whilst the 20% discount on your CPCs is likely to begin after 48-72 hours.

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