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Paint Distribution Brand

Paint Distribution Brand

The Task

The client had a long-established business selling paint in the UK directly from a centrally located warehouse. Prior to contacting Shop Aid at the start of 2022, the retailer had set up their own ads on Google and had started generating sales online.

Shop Aid was tasked with optimising the client’s existing campaigns, as well as helping to improve the number of daily sales on the website whilst maintaining the return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Results

The client’s sales increased from $9,000 per month to $27,000, representing an increase of 300% in sales volume within 2 months.

The existing ROAS also improved, moving from 500% to 550% respectively.

How Did We Do It?

With over 30,000 products, the task of optimising the client’s Merchant Center feed, Google Ads campaigns and Analytics tracking was no small task.

Shop Aid completed a detailed audit of the client’s account before creating new campaigns for the client, focusing on high volume search related products as well as those with high margins.

Using a combination of Google Shopping and Performance Max, Shop Aid has managed to consistently deliver record returns for the business over a period of 9 months.